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 Post subject: Re: MISA porn movies
PostPosted: Tue Nov 18, 2008 9:00 pm 

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Transcript of the second discussion with the producer of films

Continue to Manevrele detractorilor MISA resurfaced again to light. Two discussions with the manufacturer Erotic Art films are light on the scandal porno films maintained by the newspaper Gardianul

Listen to audio recordings and original to:


K: Since our last discussion, someone tried increasingly to take advantage of the situation. I could say - as we talked about it in the teahouse - someone who tries to attack us with this. I personally am not for example never had anything to do with it. I think these movies are ok, but I was not involved in anything like that. I am responsible for the image of the school and I very much concerned about these things. Our image is related to yoga, but also of Tantra and eroticism. Sometimes it's hard to make people realize that.


K: When we last talked, I told you that these movies are some scenes for actors who have not given consent to be used in movies aired publicly. Now the problem is more serious because someone has posted the movies on the Internet. A Danish videos uploaded to a server and at the same time a Romanian newspaper that continually harasses Romanian yoga school and in particular Michael (nn Stoian), use these movies in the campaign press.

Barney: This is a huge problem. We try and prevent downloadarea films on the Internet but it is practically impossible to achieve. If we produced today a new movie, it can be uploaded on the Internet in an hour. And then people Download it and you vizionează. It is a huge problem nowadays. Now I began to write on DVDs that require 1 million kr. compensation for damages, if people Download movies without a legal agreement. This is an issue ....

Mike: But how about uploadarea films?

Barney: It would be possible to find those who Upload videos on the Internet, but it is very difficult.

K: We know who did it. It is a newspaper in Romania. And in another place seemingly made it a Danish. Is a person who wants to destroy the school in Denmark. So little suspect who did this.

Barney: What movie is it?

Mike: "Exaltation of pee" and the last three. Are those in which there were problems with some scenes.

K: Imagine! Already there is a problem that we were unable to locate. Then someone who is running against us are about this and worse things than 500 times making them public. And make movies and the Internet. Imagine what ethics are those who do it. And those people who already had a problem that appear in movies are more exposed to the public in Romania, Denmark, the rest of Europe.

Barney: Do we have problems with that, films can get on the net in an hour after we distributed to stores. And sometimes even colleagues in the industry do this just to bug.

K: But in our case, those who do that they see that we destroy and economic resources and image. Which is not the case. Because only one who has lost the financial point of view you, you copyright to the broadcast. Eventually you lose your money and negative advertising.

Barney: What to do?

K: My personal opinion is that things have gone far. Should we prosecute this newspaper in Romania and the Dutch respectively.

Barney: I know?

K: I know, is a very bad already made a lot of things. It is obsessed with the idea of destroying school yoga.

Barney: Well, but failure. But we were not wrong when I wrote explicitly on DVDs that are the copyright infringement law.


Barney: There you read the small letters: "Anyone who uses this material without the copyright must pay 1 million kr. Before there was no need to write it.

K: But even if you do not write to DVD, I think that whatever is true for previous films, starting with "Olsen Banden."

Barney: Everything about copyright is governed by international law. No one can copy all things. I would not be able to copy and to many on them if I had the copyright for them and for that I need a contract, which it clear that we have. Therefore we say that we started to put this ad about copyright on everything that we published recently. And it's even in the film in Danish and English and also on the edge of the disc.

K: This is not about a group acting hidden posted on the Internet and movies. It is even a newspaper that is openly violating copyright law.

Barney: There are amateurs and professionals. If you are professionals, they provoke each other: "Here we put this new movie on the Internet. And dare you to do this? ". But fans and everyone else prefers to keep away from such things. Well, now professionals see that I wrote the warning on our movies. And company lawyers told us it was our mistake that I wrote that from the very beginning. So I changed the procedure. It is written to disk, and at the beginning of the film: "Attention, attention!"

K: There were those who did this did it in particular to harm anyone. And even so it would be interesting if we could get a verdict in our favor. And it would scare the others. So here we have a common interest. I am interested in the school's image and you are interested in copyright. We can help each other. We have lawyers who will prepare the case. It is not necessary to do this with you your lawyer.

Barney: If you ask for my lawyer, contorul will start running and running very quickly. You have to look things up as a businessman and see how you spend and how it is possible to win. And if I could get an example in this area, creating a precedent in regard to the consequences of copyright infringement, it would be fun.

Barney: Well, let me express directly. You a lawyer?

K: We have people who prepare the case and we have some experts who will plead the case for us, for example, a Swedish lawyer who is very experienced. And we have a team of lawyers in Romania that may prepare the case for us.

Mike: Exactly. It should be a very easy because it is a national newspaper. Thousands of people Download it. They have an article on the homepage and a link where just click and then (the movie runs) ...

K: It should not be allowed such a thing! It connects to YouTube?

Mike: No, it is their own server. They even have made their own way "The X-Files of the newspaper" at the top.

K: They violate the copyright, if present movies in this way. On another page that says they have movies from an individual named Kim from Denmark.

Mike: We know that Kim has already uploaded these movies, because we know the server's.

Barney: The question now is: have changed anything in the movies? They used other models than the movies they have purchased it?

K: There are two different things: 1. Copyright and 2. Manipularea.Vreau to ask: is it possible that, after you received the movies, someone to add material in the film? In place where the production, for example.

Barney: We have certain security standards and a certain way of doing production. These movies were copied in Germany in ODS. It almost certainly is unable to intervene, is a very secure place, but certainly anything is possible. I should be possible, because I give them master tape to be encoded. So we master, which then goes to copy. Master is given to the coded and not go anywhere beyond.

K: So the only place it would be possible to codetalker.

Barney: Of course you can get the DVD already finished, copy it to your computer and do a new one!

Mike: Probably this is not possible.

Barney: Well, I am the master, but you can see here, because you need a special device (DV-cam). So you must go to Birkerød. But here I DVDs.

K: We could go to the Birkerød codetalker?

Barney: I never give in hand masterurile. Who comes, who handles them, it is very strict controls.

Mike: A second possibility is that bands that have reached you are already combined for a third person.

K: How did you master the bands for the last three movies?

Barney: From Michael and Michael.
K: Michael was there?

Barney: Yes, we met at the residence Hansen in Frederiksberg. I gave a check and received bands.

Mike: No, it was the previous contracts.

Barney: You do not remember that we met in Frederiksberg.

Mike: Perhaps it was a different person.

Barney: And I have given you a check, I think 40,000 kr for which we distributed the movie. We can and otherwise. Check the DVD, which is a copy of the master, and compare it with movies from the Internet. Then we will know if something is wrong. Is not possible that the DVD is different from the master.

Mike: It is possible that your master has been given by Michael and the other person may have been altered.

K: But who could have been there if not Michael? It was Jacob?

Barney: Sure, Michael was there. I know him from the start and I know very well.

Mike: I met Barney in a theater, where he was and a cafe.

Barney: Oh, yes, theater Aveny.

K: And that was the first time.

Mike: We met in the theater for the first contract, but I do not then I met with you anywhere.

Barney: Yes, with the last three movies I signed the contract in the garden, with Michael and ... Who could have been the other person?

Mike: Someone else, probably.

Barney: Someone gave me receipts ...

K: It was Michael and Jacob. I remember that I asked every car to go there.

Mike: What is important is that I was not there in the garden when you were handed over the last three movies. It was someone else.

Barney: Actually, it's terrible that I can not remember. I was sure three persons. I wrote a check, I ate something ...

Mike: For example, I have contracts for other movies, but not for the last three.

Barney: So the money went where needed, and I received what was supposed to receive.

K: Yes, yes. What is important here is to get straight ... (recording stops)


Barney: But why does not it can contact Michael? He could confirm, and in addition he should know who was then in that place.

Mike: What interests me now is just to clarify that there was a different person. That's all. I was the only one that I deal with the Erotic Art and these things have happened after I ...

K: It's the same thing he said earlier.

Barney: Well, Michael can confirm that we have met here. I am not nor senile, nor I'm suffering from amnesia. I remember the faces of people like it was yesterday and I remember clearly that three people standing here. But I do not remember who the third person.

Mike: I just nice to know that he was a third person.

Barney: It was Michael, and I was safe and was a third person at that meeting.

K: Remember who gave you the movie?

Mike: Probably Michael wore discussion and dealt with the financial side.

Barney: Probably I got in the mail or correspondence with Michael with the other person. I have not deleted anything.

Mike: The fact that there was a third person is very revealing to us, because we believe that the person brought the material and is probably a person who knows the school of yoga ...

Barney (by his wife who entered the room): It's a funny story. Some guys make use of our movies. They put on the Internet to hurt tantric school, which I support and which I like very much. We have therefore a common interest. I am not a member of the school, but I argue, because I think the idea is good. I had some problems with the sale, but I think movies are exciting and interesting. Unfortunately we can not stop abuse on copying, everybody makes ...

K: But can he even charged some of them.

Wife: But how can change the edition master?

Barney: You can transfer to your computer and you can add or edit material.

K: What is clear is that they took the movie and they put on the website of the newspaper and wrote "Extra Bladet Film presents." YouTube is not hosting or another. It is a private person who helped and uploaded videos on its server.

K: It is a very documented case can be won and we can get a denial in regard to school. This is the most important.

Barney: I want very much to help with this, but I do not want to involve my lawyer, because his prices start at 50,000, the best lawyer in the country in the field of marketing. You should have a case about copyright infringement.

K: Of course

Barney: I tried another time and it was concluded that the defendant claimed that he has not uploaded the movie and so on ...

K: We are not talking here of your money. Just to say their views on copyright and the case will go smoothly.

Barney: If you have a legal background to put the case on the role, I always come to testify and to have my right to copyright claims because the person who has abused should be convicted.

Barney: Write on the back of coperţii that I own all rights to this product and you can go with it in court.

Mike: They will not risk money and a lot of what I do. And do everything just to hurt ingly at the same time. They violate copyright law, even the Danish. Is not expected to react.

Barney: So they have this guy (Kim) who for some reason been excluded from school and now looking to hurt this school.

K: They do not know that we understand how they proceed with these contracts and I think now we will not react. People believe that they are our films and we can not defend in any way, but it is not so ...

Barney: Well, you have rights to the films ...

Barney: You will also be checked and master the Erotic Art studio to see if there were handled.

Barney: The first movies that I bought was a very detailed contract. With the other three films with girls was basically just a title there and film material.

K: So it was not much documentation for the copyright on them.

Barney (found in the contract shelves): It is your signature here?

Mike: No ...

Barney: Well, this is the signature on three of the six movies.

Mihai (it looks like Barney's pages downloaded from the internet: forums and Guardian newspaper): I am the ninth articles in the past two months with links to these movies and download sites.

Bernie: So a guy put all these movies?

Mike: Yes. And it is an official site.

K: There are many films, is an important issue.

Barney: Yes, any lawyer could see that ...
K: Here is a headline: "Porn with moştenitorul MISA empire." (exact title is "The passage of magic", the manifesto porn moştenitorului "empire" MISA).

Note: Reproduction (or part) of this article in other publications is permitted only with the written consent of the editorial staff yogaesoteric and without prejudice to any changes to the original text.

October 2008
http://www.yogaesoteric.net/content.asp ... & item = 5501

Attach and audio files, in case you disappear from the yogaesoteric:

 Post subject: Re: MISA porn movies
PostPosted: Sun Nov 28, 2010 4:36 pm 

Joined: Mon Oct 22, 2007 1:42 am
Posts: 4317
Eve's Awakening - the first NATHA porn viewtopic.php?p=37237#p37237
It is available at BN Agentur DK http://www.bn-agentur.dk/product.asp?product=2270
Screenshots from the movie and from the bonus movie on the DVD - Erotic secrets - an old MISA porn:

You can watch the trailer here: http://sublimerotica.com/evesawakeningtrailer.html

The porn stars in the movie:

- Maria Porsfeld, yoga and tantra teacher at NATHA and Tara Yoga Center UK
- Celestine Andersen, NATHA yoga teacher
- Holger Spangaard, NATHA yoga teacher
- Simona Colesniuc (from Constanta),contact person at NATHA for the Herculane camp 2008
- Martin Svensson, NATHA yoga teacher
- Daniela Pelger, MISA student sent by Grieg to hold shakti groups in Germany
- Nicol Markus (MISA student from Constanta and pole dance teacher at Apsaras Dance School), probably NATHA student at the moment
- Miranda, NATHA student
- Elena (Sylvia) Grav (from Norway), NATHA student
- Bogdan Triscaru (MISA student from Mihai Stoian's group in Constanta)
- Louise Fisker Skjoldan teaches tantra for women and holds shakti groups for NATHA in Odense)

Scene 3 is shot in Prema, NATHA's ashram on Belgiensgade. Scene 5 is shot in the old NATHA center on Kobmagergade and scene 7 is shot in Bhoga Ashram, Vejby.

You can find a further NATHA porn here. On Sublime Erotica the title is "Tantra holiday". On BN Agentur the title is"Tantra Ekstase i Grækenland".

Let's see what they say about it:

En eksotisk ferie er chancen for at slippe væk og få indsigt i et erotisk uniers hvor alle drømme bliver realiseret. Ægte par som tager dig med til rejsen i tantra sex. Det er ikke kun"" tantra men også en rejse til det forunderlige land Grækenland."

Google translation:

An exotic holiday is the chance to escape and gain insight into an erotic uniers where all dreams are realized. Married couple who takes you to journey into tantra sex. It is not just Tantra but also a trip to the wonderful country Greece.

In the movie they are acting 3 couples:

- Simona Colesniuc (contact person at NATHA for the Herculane camp 2008)si Holger Spangaard (yoga teacher NATHA DK)
- Daniela Pelger (MISA student sent by Grieg to hold shakti groups in Germany) and Ulrik Lyshoj, NATHA yoga teacher
- Louise Fisker Skjoldan (teaches tantra for women and holds shakti groups for NATHA in Odense)) and Bogdan Triscaru (MISA student from Mihai Stoian's group in Constanta)

Sublim Erotica produced the movies (and a further movie Chocolate).

Informations on Sublim Erotica:

- Address Belgiensgade 8, 2300 Kobenhavn
- at the above address you can also find:- Sublim Erotica is registered onMichael Hendrik de Wilde, NATHA student, which appears as Mironel de Wilde in MISA's documentary about the Yoga Congress in Bucharest 2008 (minute 5:39)
- in may 2009 Michael Hendrik de Wilde gave as address the address of the new NATHA yoga center, where the phone number is the one from the CVR of Sublim Erotica
- the official site of Sublim Erotica is registered on the address of the Bhoga Ashram on the name of Mironel de Wilde, as email it has the email of Hans Hvass, yoga teacher at NATHA http://whois.domaintools.com/sublimerotica.com

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