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 Post subject: Re: MISA porn movies
PostPosted: Wed Feb 27, 2008 3:04 pm 

Joined: Mon Oct 22, 2007 1:42 am
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Posted by MARS on 18 Nov 2007, 20:07

Mihai Stoian: and also some of the writen material
Mihai Stoian: it is enough to call that company
Mihai Stoian: and tell them that you have some extra materials
Question: who made the written statements?
Mihai Stoian: and they will buy them and make DVD's

From your explanation, Mihai, it follows that you would have sent some [film] sequences to the agency where you made Magic Passage, but those who confiscated many materials in 2004 would got contact with the agency telling them that they have some supplementary film sequences and that they want that these sequences to be introduced also in the films! Mihai, don’t get angry, but your explanation is puerile and only an imbecile could believe it, to use a favorite word of your master.
Question: 95% of who agreed to make material for future films?
Mihai Stoian: in two years i saw myself this
Mihai Stoian: yes there were those that agreed
Question: ok

In other words it would be only 5% the girls who didn’t agree to be sold to the porno films section in Denmark.. Come on, Mihai, you don’t say so! Maybe those girls would have been indoctrinated, but I can’t believe that they accepted to become porno actresses in such a large number!

Mihai Stoian: G said that more than sure those that took the tapes from sophrozin were giving them to somebody who took advantage

Mihai, it has no logic what you say. Why should prosecutors send those supplementary materials to the same agency? What you insinuate is that the prosecutors would know that on those supplementary materials are girls that did not agree to be sold! Where should they know from, Mihai? It’s silly what you say!
Question: �...� says that a friend of her who participated was told that only Grieg would see the movie, although she signed the contract that the material could be used
Mihai Stoian: i dont think it is a real story

Mihai, there are many girls who say this. Are they all lying? I know a girl who was struck with amazement when she saw herself on the market stand and she didn’t write on forums. At least, good that you recognize that you are responsible with selling the films in Occident!
Mihai Stoian: i have had some similar experiences recently: some people are now claiming that they have a contract that i made with several people to go in sweden and to work for me
Mihai Stoian: and i took all the money and they return home with nothing
Mihai Stoian: in sweden they were working in the forest cutting wood
Mihai Stoian: but i never heard about such thing!

I also heard some rumors (I think from a friend, not from forums) that you really told to some people from ashrams that they could come to work in Sweden, to cleave wood, because you have an contract with some agency and that the ashram – people will get a fine sum of money. I heard that the ashram – people didn’t get any money, but that they made karma yoga to wood cleaving. Well, it’s a rumor, I can’t say more.

Mihai Stoian: since only G was supposed to see that tape

Anyway, the idea of watching films in which some women pee has nothing spiritual in it, it don’t leads to the peace of the mind, don’t leads to the state of “open presence” or to others authentic spiritual states of mind. It’s only a matter of a un-inhibition without sense. Un-inhibition how far? Perhaps it follows some films in which incestuous relations are shown (your ex-friend, Narcis Tarcău, has told us that on the Rarău Mountain he made love with a cousin of him, for example), mothers who ecstatically pee on their daughters, crazy grandmothers that see angels while making love on the graves, like in the Aghora sects.. Who knows what’s in your minds?
Question: �...� is asking how can this happen with material which was produced in a consecrated act, and in general, why doesn�t Grieg take care that things like this don�t happen, As these things are so dangerous and could destroy the school.
Mihai Stoian:
Mihai Stoian: try to see the large perspective .... not only pretend to see it
Mihai Stoian: if it wasnt this situation
Mihai Stoian: you wouldnt have somany serious questions about your spiritual future
Mihai Stoian: and perhaps you will still believe blindly in something that is not as you think
Mihai Stoian: now you have the chance to question your path and to take ca conscious decision
Mihai Stoian: so all in all it is a good outcome
Mihai Stoian: this is how i understand integration

Mihai, that’s a hoax and it goes to suckers, really.
Mihai Stoian: and also G is not a magician
Mihai Stoian: he is a spiritual master
Mihai Stoian: a magician is using magic in order to perform actions in his advantage
Mihai Stoian: a spiritual master is performing actions that are integrated in a magincal way into the universal harmony for the benefits of all universe

And what was the operation against Năstase , Mihai? Was not [maybe] an act of magic?
Mihai Stoian: another kind of situation was the stress problem
Mihai Stoian: due to the intense emotions
Mihai Stoian: the woman was stressed
Mihai Stoian: without noticing
Mihai Stoian: a kind of secret ego trip....
Mihai Stoian: most of it caused by the thoughts like "look, i am with a yogi VIP!"...of course manifested subconsciously
Mihai Stoian: and this combined with the fact that the kind of "micriorganisms" that i have are slightly diffrent than normal
Mihai Stoian: generated the propper conditions for a kind of attack

From what you say one may understand that the women who had sexual intercourse with Gregorian and had no sexual intercourse with other men found [themselves] with serious venereal diseases from psychic reasons. That’s a flimsy explanation..
Mihai Stoian: and dont forget that this rummors test is a test of swadhistana

That’s a hoax.

(translated by cos)

 Post subject: Re: MISA porn movies
PostPosted: Wed Apr 23, 2008 12:36 pm 

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Hier you can buy MISA porn movies


Shiny Pee Sea

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Mai era si aici, impreuna cu alte filme MISA, dar nu mai merge link-ul:


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 Post subject: Re: MISA porn movies
PostPosted: Wed Apr 23, 2008 12:44 pm 

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Mail sent by Arwen to BN Agentur:

Dear Sirs and Madams,

I am writing to you with concern to a series of movies your site is advertising:
http://www.bnagentur.dk/product.aspproduct=1701&sub=69 ; http://www.bn-agentur.dk/product.asp?product=100&sub=35 ; http://www.bn-agentur.dk/product.asp?product=56&sub=35 . It seems that, apart from "Seksuelle Hemmeligheder", the other movies were shot without the participants' consent, or, better said, the protagonists were tricked into believing that they were filming for a private show only, not for sale. Is this true? I mean, do you have any knowledge of that? Did anyone warn you against this? I am asking because I am truly worried about the legality of such an act - I mean selling such a production without a signed agreement or so. The female actors are Romanian and several publications in Romania have talked about the way these movies got on the Danish market. Therefore, I am kindly asking you, if possible, to give me any useful information on the matter. Thank you.
BN Agentur answered:


We have already been contacted regarding these movies I can give you the same info as the others

We have bought the rights to sell the movie from

Karesse Studio KFT
Deak Ferenc U 25
1193 Budapest
Comp Reg 12678787-2-43

I Hope this information can be usefull to you


Mia Helmig

BN Agentur A/S
Kohaven 23
5300 Kerteminde

Tlf. direkte: 27897198
Fax.: 65325140

 Post subject: Re: MISA porn movies
PostPosted: Mon Apr 28, 2008 3:12 pm 

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From the Public Prosecutor's charge:

1. At the date of 6th October 2003, the criminal pursuit bodies from prosecutor's office by the side of the Bucharest Court of Appeal, have auto-informed ex officio concerning the fact that several persons, members or disciples of the Spiritual Integration in Absolute Movement Association, under the guidance of the defendant BIVOLARU GREGORIAN, committed in the period 2002-2003 illegal activities that consist in accomplishing computational activities and programs, especially video recordings with pornographic character, meant to be transmitted by INTERNET or to be sold under the form of CDs or DVDs inside the country and abroad, using of computer programs without license, tax dodging, consisting in purloining from paying duties and taxes of unauthorized activities, using labour powers without contract, not-registering financial operations that are book kept, recruiting and sending dancers and others persons with the purpose of practicing prostitution, money washing , consisting of obtaining sums of money from the above mentioned activities and bringing these money in the country with the purpose to be used in the interest of MISA.

(translated by cos)

 Post subject: Re: MISA porn movies
PostPosted: Mon May 05, 2008 8:40 pm 

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From the Public Prosecutor's charge:

“I specify the fact that in the film studio from the Peleaga street no.22, where an parabolical antenna were installed, the named CRUCEANU DANIEL had the task/ charge to record porno films and scenes of aberrant sexuality, which he was giving to BIVOLARU GREGORIAN.
I know the fact that within the framework of MISA, erotic and pornographic films were accomplished in that female and male yoga cursists appeared.” (page 366 holograph, page 366 verso holograph, page 382 formulary – tome 89)

Utranslated by cos)

 Post subject: Re: MISA porn movies
PostPosted: Tue May 06, 2008 7:37 pm 

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There are yet some important facts a friend discovered recently.

As Cowboy signalled us many months ago , MISA’s spiritual guide, Gregorian Bivolaru, had sent 5 yoga students at Barcelona, in 2003 to FICEB - The International Erotic Film Festival.
These girls went there with a purpose. As you will see from the pictures (I have about 250 pics and about 3 videoclips), they went there to promote the Ecstasy Water movie (in fac there are two Ecstasy Water movies, as Ecstasy Water II appears somewhere) and it looks like the movie was a success, as it won an award.

I had heard about this movie from three different sources and at the same time, I had been told that it was not put on the market. Bad-mouthed people say that Mihai Stoian did not agree on the price with… well, yes Barny.

Now, let’s have a look at the facts in an orderly manner.

The official FiCEB website ( the International Erotic Film Festival Barcelona) - http://www.ficeb.com/esp/index.htm it moved to Madrid starting this year.

Now, the winners:
Ninfa awards : http://www.ficeb.com/english/premiados_2003.htm

Ninfa 2003 a la mejor Carátula
Ecstasy Water - (Karessa Studio)
The Scottish Loveknot - (Private Media Group)
Laura está sola - (Conrad Son Company)
Intercambio prohibido - (House Club)
Jugando a Médicos - (Interselección)

I don’t understand much Spanish, is it by any chance that they won the best DVD cover award?

Hold on:

Ninfa 2003 a la mejor película soft (erótica)

Laura está de sola - (Conrad Son Company)
The Scottish Loveknot de - (Private Media Group)
[blink]Ecstasy Water - (Karessa Studio)[/blink]
Glamour sex - (Conrad Son Company)
Cazadoras de conejitos - (Interseleccion)

Well, in the soft (erotic) category, they won the third place (don’t believe they are alphabetically listed there). Consequently, according to professional judgement and/or genre fans’ opinion, it appears to have been a good movie in this category.


Ninfa 2003 al mejor guión
La Dolce Vita - (Negro y Azul)
The Fashionistas - (International Film Grup)
Jugando a médicos - (Interselección)
Soffocami - (International Film Grup)
[blink]Ecstasy Water - (Karessa Studio)[/blink]

The dialogues went up only to the second honorary mention. It looks like the wooden language is too spiritual to get a grip of the public. If only they had used a genuine Romanian “mantra”, maybe they might have climbed up the awards ladder a bit.

Ninfa 2003 a los valores cinematográficos
The Fashionistas - (International Film Grup)

Jugando a médicos - (Interselección)
Soffocami - (International Film Grup)
Las Lágrimas de Eros - (Elephant Channel)
[blink]Ecstasy Water - (Karessa Studio)[/blink]

In cinematographic values, again second honourable mention.
Finally, the” great” Carmen Enache gains international acknowledgement.

Ninfa 2003 al mejor Director
Thomas Zupko por Jugando a médicos (Interselección)

Nacho Vidal por Back 2 Evil - (International Film Grup)
Mario Salieri por La Dolce Vita - (Negro y Azul)
John Stagliano por The Fashionistas - (International Film Grup)
[blink]Bella Maestrina por Ecstasy Water - (Karessa Studio)[/blink]

A well-deserved second honourable mention for the best film director.

Ninfa 2003 al mejor Actor
Nacho Vidal por Back 2 Evil - (International Film Grup)
Brett Rockman por Jugando a médicos - (Interselección)
Rocco Siffredi por The Fashionistas - (International Film Grup)
[blink]Kamael Talntes por Ecstasy Water - (Karessa Studio)[/blink]
Ramon Guevara por Private Café - (Private Media Group)

As you may easily see, these people did not meditate in vain for so many years, practicing difficult tapas, 24 hours prayer, pee, blessings, pee pee and pee again. It would be so low of us to say that this movie is not an exceptional spiritual accomplishment. Do you not see how many awards it won?
Poor them, they were not even able to brag about their accomplishments.

Well, you have here the website that started the whole thing. A western friend discovered this site: http://www.sexshowvideos.com/ssvideos1.htm. There are 250 pictures and 3 videoclips to download.

This is just to get an idea of the deeply and completely spiritual atmosphere of the festival.
These are only a few pictures and a free videoclip, as the rest was for sale.

Whoever wants to get a better look and make his / her own mind regarding the state of decadence these girls reached can find more pictures searching through the following links:


At the Karessa Studio stand at this festival you can see 5 women on the poster for Ecstasy Water:
A blond woman, up front, who is

Madalina Ray (on the poster Madalina Raymond) - a former MISA student and well known porn actress in Germany. She won the European XXX Award in 1998 and 1999.

madalina ray.JPG
madalina ray.JPG [ 60.03 KiB | Viewed 23417 times ]

(In this picture please focus your attention on the upper part , so that you notice the characters’ display on the poster, in the upper left, a manly figure and on the right 4 other women):

Cristina Petrea (on the poster Giulia Azzuro)- MISA student, Miss Shakti Costinesti 2001 and one of Bivolaru's favourite women.

cristina petrea.JPG
cristina petrea.JPG [ 61.49 KiB | Viewed 23239 times ]

Reka Szikes – (on the poster Trisha Allen) - a half-Hungarian MISA student, that performed several times in Japan - pole dance.

blondie 1.JPG
blondie 1.JPG [ 123.65 KiB | Viewed 16147 times ]

Mihaela Cretu (on the poster Tara Wise ) - MISA student, one of Bivolaru's favourite women active on videochat - Ikandi web. http://www.ikandiweb.com/paula81_pg

07_17.JPG [ 101.33 KiB | Viewed 16078 times ]

Catrinel Stoenescu
( on the poster Eroteea Labiche ) - MISA student, star in Secrets of Seduction .

friday940.jpg [ 70.09 KiB | Viewed 23838 times ]

The cast:

afis.JPG [ 64.88 KiB | Viewed 15212 times ]

(If you look at the photos website http://www.lonelybit.com/lbphoto7.htm you will notice that if you leave the mouse on a specific photo, you will get the star’s name. )

In the photo featuring Madalina Ray, behind her you may see a man, most likely the one we find on the poster as Kamael Talntes and who was awarded second honourable mention in the Best Actor category as mentioned above.
This guy is Eugen Popa, a real Don Juan (he was allegedly one of Monica Cesa’s lovers, presently married somewhere in Denmark)at MISA.

Let me tell you now why this discovery is so important. Maybe you remember that MISA and its leader Gregorian Bivolaru kept on saying that someone outside the MISA school made public via the internet some videos stolen from the Sophrozin Theatre archive and that these videos were for internal use only. They were referring to the secret trial from the Miss Shakti contest, which if I recall correctly was included in the movies: Kingdom of pee (Miss Shakti 2003), Exaltation of pee (Miss Shakti 2003), To pee or not to pee (Miss Shakti 2002) and Shiny pee see (?).

If you watch the enhanced close-ups I took from some of these pictures (part of the Barcelona Festival), you will of course notice that alongside the commercials for the movies Ecstasy Waters and Magic Passage, posted at a stand named Karessa Universal we have a surprise: the commercial of the To pee or not to pee for ecstasy movie.
Consequently, MISA and Bivolaru’s allegations that the secret services had stolen the videos and posted them on the internet in 2004 don’t even need to be addressed, since they made it clear at the Barcelona Festival that they(MISA members) have made the movies public themselves and for no other reasons except money.

The proofs, showing clearly the Karessa Universal logo, Erotic Art and last but not least the name Bella Maestrinna:

Moreover, if you study , carefully these photos of Madalina Ray

ecstasy water.JPG
ecstasy water.JPG [ 85.79 KiB | Viewed 15212 times ]

You will notice that on the right and left sides of the Ecstasy Water poster there are commercial for six movies. From left to right the movies are: Ecstasy Water, Ecstasy Water II and To pee or not to pee for Ecstasy. On the left side of the poster (from right to left): Magic Passage, My Hot Secrets and Secrets of Seduction.

As an old saying goes, an image is worth a thousand words. ;-)

In adition to this at the Karessa stand at FICEB the movie dvd's were displayed for sale.

Photo of the Karessa stand in Barcelona 2003 (see the upper side) - the persons in the image are Teodor Pop(left) and Eugen Popa (right), the main star of the movie:


 Post subject: Re: MISA porn movies
PostPosted: Tue May 06, 2008 7:39 pm 

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And here you have the 3 videoclips from Barcelona:


 Post subject: Re: MISA porn movies
PostPosted: Fri Jul 18, 2008 12:44 am 

Joined: Mon Oct 22, 2007 1:42 am
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Mr. Bivolaru's definition of prostitution:


 Post subject: Re: MISA porn movies
PostPosted: Tue Nov 18, 2008 8:50 pm 

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Google translation:

The manoeuvres of the MISA detractors came to light again

Two discussions with the manufacturer Erotic Art films on the scandal porno films maintained by the newspaper Gardianul

Maria Nicola

Motto: "When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable it seemed, must be the truth." - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the "mouth" his famous character, detective Sherlock Holmes

[Note: The end of the article available records of discussions in their original and translated into Romanian.]

Intended to clarify a very controversial topic, we provide some evidence to debunk sweeping maneuvers that those who orchestrate the campaign against MISA yoga school. You probably remember the so-called "pornography" scandal that was aberrantly attributed to MISA by the Guardian newspaper. This newspaper has become the Masonic propaganda bullhorn exmisa forum, which in turn is maintained and funded by the Romanian secret services, with the more or less unconscious of some former yoga trainees.

The scandal itself is not new to the campaign press anti-MISA, but the Guardian newspaper brought it to grotesque dimensions. In essence, it is about the existence of some erotic movies in which the protagonists are some people (for example, Mihai Stoian) who are MISA adepts. Lately they have obsessively repeated in the media scandals of this kind, in which different people are discredited by advertising on the Internet certain intimate scenes with them. However, we note that neither the institution where these people work nor the school that they follow is condemned. Of course, as always when it comes to MISA, things are turned upside down almost immediately and are used to discredit the school of yoga. So it came to an exaggerated row, in which they sought not only to direct public opinion against the yogis, but also to discredit some trainees in order to lead them to rise at their turn against the school or they even attempted to create a conflict with the Romanian Orthodox Church.

In essence, it is about some very simple facts: some representatives of the studio art Sophrozin laid the foundations of a project aimed at transmitting ideas of spiritualizing sexuality and transfiguring eros, through some movies of this type (in order to promote sexual continence) and some artistic shows. The initiative is, you will recognize it, positive and in urgent need in contemporary society which amounts to glorifying dehumanizing sex, "sportive", without love and that is why corrupt and degrading. Under this project, three erotic films have been made and all of those involved in achieving them have participated in the full knowledge of the facts, based on the contract. The company which has made the movies, Erotic Art, negotiated with a Danish manufacturer (Barny Nygaard) to distribute these films abroad, and the only one from the Sophrozin group (the company Erotic Art) who has negotiated with the manufacturer was Mihai Stoian.

Before proceeding, it is important to emphasize this point: the media propaganda has deliberately sought to maintain the confusion MISA-Sophrozin and Sophrozin-MISA to create an erroneous impression in the minds of people. MISA is a school of yoga and Sophrozin is an art studio and also a group concerned with promoting the values of art initiatives. MISA actions cannot be attributed to the Sophrozin group, and vice versa, the actions of the Sophrozin group cannot be attributed to the MISA yoga school. The fact that the vast majority of the Sophrozin group are yoga adepts does not change this. If we think a little bit, and that is as if we assigned to a university all the facts that its students carried on in their private lives. It is about some things that are really completely different. The activities of the yogis in the school has to do only with the yoga practice and they are perfectly free to make whatever choices they wish in their individual lives, on their own responsibility. This is true even for the yoga instructors.

Returning to the subject of the Erotic films, things could be summarized very simply: the Erotic Art company has made three erotic films which it has sold to the Danish manufacturer, and he released them. The amount for which the movies were sold is derisory: approximately 5,000 euros (40,000 Danish kroner) overall. So they were not obviously interested in the material gain, but as you will convince yourselves from the discussions of Mihai Stoian with the manufacturer of the films, in promoting a particular type of sacralizing and transfiguring eros. Even in this situation the newspapers in Romania hurried to affirm that at MISA "pornography was done or that MISA was" an empire of pornography", talking about "millions of euros "gained from these films.

As on other occasions in which we are confronted with such slanderous, clearly aberrant allegations, we will solve the dilemma trenchantly:'we will make a bet on 1 million euros with all those who believe they can prove that someone has taken even MISA 0.5% of these movies. We do not have this amount of money, but we are fully confident that nobody in MISA has not benefited financially even 0.5% of the erotic movies (0.5% of 40,000 Danish kroner meaning about 250 euros). We have applied previously this procedure of the wager and it shut every time the mouth of our detractors, who, knowing that they lied, did not have the courage to accept that bet.

However, the situation is more complicated. Without explaining to you how to solve these complicated problems (we recommend you to read the two transcripts and even to listen to the original recordings) here are, in short, the facts as they came to light, eventually.

During the searches in March 2004, they confiscated from both Sophrozin premises and other locations of the yogis a lot of confidential, strictly personal and intimate materials, which were not intended for the public. Many of these things (photos, film images, diaries) were found in the campaign of the anti-MISA press, seeking to generate an outrageous dimension and as much negative publicity as possible. Yet the worst aspect is that many private videos were never returned; moreover, they have been combined and sold by a yet unidentified person yet, to the Danish manufacturer that sold the Erotic Art movies, as if coming from the same company and would be intended for the public sale as erotic movies. What they didn't know those who tried this maneuver is that the Erotic Art company had been disbanded when this "business" took place- the forgery of the documents and records may be seen in the recordings that we offer you. So many people who have never wanted it, have been mentioned over night without knowing, and especially without wanting, as the protagonists of erotic movies marketed in the West. The story does not stop here: the films were posted on the Internet and have become accessible to the public at large in Romania, and those people were contacted by "benignant anonymous" people who told them how MISA used their images to produce pornography ", suggesting them at the same time to return against their school of yoga. Of course, in some individual cases this scandal has even reached dramatic dimensions, but those who have laid out a such a developed and not dignified maneuver do not care.

Does it seem hard to believe? Let us think a bit. The material seized during the searches are assembled pretty badly and made available to the Danish producer for the sum of 40,000 kr. They will be the basis for three other erotic movies, about which the press will write that they are made by MISA, although they come from the private materials seized during searches.

Nobody from Sophrozin had any idea of this second contract; at the moment of its signing the Erotic Art company was disbanded. The manufacturer is giving the final form of these records, adding the Erotic Art company logo and putting up for sale the movies. They are immediately bought by those who have orchestrated the maneuver and brought inside the country, and posted on the Internet. Finally, MISA is to blame, which, they say, exploits its students in this way in order to build a financial empire. It's the same trick thief uses, who is the first that screams "catch the thief!"
The discussions which will be attached will persuade that this scenario laid out by the secret services, however improbable it seems, is the most plausible. It is even true. And this because we know that the alternative is impossible. So all we have to do is to uncover with much humour these sly and disdainful manoeuvers, but without any chance of success. The role played by the intelligence services in the campaign against MISA has been often mentioned in the press and, most recently, it seems that the Danish intelligence services have contributed to the attacks against the Natha school. We still believe that truth will always overcome, being the most terrible weapon.

We invite you to convince yourselves by reading the transcripts:
Transcript of the first discussion with the producer of the films
Transcript of the second discussion with the producer of the films

And listening to the original audio files:

First discussion:
http://yes.dreamhosters.com/mp3/discuti ... 0.2007.WAV

The second discussion:

Note: The reproduction (entire or partial) of this article in other publications is permitted only with the written consent of the editorial staff of yogaesoteric and without any changes to the original text.

October 2008

http://www.yogaesoteric.net/content.asp ... & item = 5499
http://www.yogaesoteric.net/content.asp ... & item = 5500

[I attach the files uploaded on the forum, in case they disappear from yogaesoteric:

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[center] Transcript of first discussion with the producer of films [/center]

Continue to Manevrele detractorilor MISA resurfaced again to light. Two discussions with the manufacturer Erotic Art films are light on the scandal porno films maintained by the newspaper Gardianul

Listen and original audio file to http://yes.dreamhosters.com/mp3/discuti ... 0.2007.WAV

Mike: Hello Barney!

Barney: Hello, Michael. How are you?

Mike: Okay. Please take place here.

Barney: Sure. What can you be helpful? What do you want to tell me?

Mike: I want to talk about some sensitive issues in May. That's why I wanted to talk now directly ...

Barney: Yes ...

Mike: ... on these DVDs are now on the market. I have seen the exhibition ...

Barney: The Erotic exhibition of two weeks ago?

Mike: Yes. Are some issues there that I would like to discuss. You are aware that some sensitive issues with regard to those DVDs?

Barney: No. I do not know what you mean.

Mike: There are some images there that do not have copyright fine.

Barney: Do not you mean posters?

Mike: No, I mean some images that appear and that probably you received from other people ...

Barney: I am only what I received from you ... what I got was some tapes cast in groups of several video and we made the presentation and the rest to be published. But only what I took from you.

Mike: Yet that is something strange is going on here. Because the girls do not have the contract, there is something wrong with those images. We do not know what happened because it seems that somewhere between firms someone put these pictures on the market that were not find ...

Barney: I remember that the new images have come from those films more recently when I talked with Michael and then the other later, all of you think ...

Mike: So it was a different person?

Barney: The person who said he did movies with you ... I do not remember now the name of that person.

Mike: It was like Michael?

Barney: Maybe ... but I only with you and that we discussed.

Mike: Are you sure? It is no longer anyone else to interfere be?

Barney: I can not remember where I was from and where you were at the other, but I remember that we met last time in a summer garden in Frederiksberg. There I brought the master tape and I've brought you the money. This is kind of ... I signed the contract, I gave money, and there was a CD with pictures and other materials for advertising ... this is about.

Mike: The problem that has emerged is because some people there (in those pictures) have seen the DVD pictures that assumes that did not have to occur ...

Barney: But this is not my problem. I obtained these pictures and we are published as usual ...

Mike: Yet to listen to an important story ...

Barney: Sure.

Mike: With a few years ago, in Romania, held a police raid in several locations of yoghinilor. There were confiscated several items including the mold all the boxes. But then some of those tapes have disappeared and mold on these tapes were images that did not have in any case be out of date. And some of these images have appeared on these movies, there ... and of course then I thought it must immediately find out what's going on.

Barney: I have not done anything with Romanian movies than what was on the tapes cast from you ... that is all I got. I have not received anything in addition, we did not buy from anybody else, that is all I have received ... so I do not know ...

Mike: So where or how someone could mix in this process?

Barney: Our films are multiplied by someone from the new company with working for a long time. We do, and the selection and cover. If it happened then would have to spend where the recording was made - multiplying. After we made the final cast and coded everything to DVD, it goes to people from copying ... but I do not think these people should be able to do that since they are a firm of professionals that know him years days. Would not lend them to something.

Mike: Look, Bernie, we have a problem with this situation. To know that these people who took the tapes cast from the studio want to hurt our school. And the only way they can hurt us is to make a bad reputation. And we must understand that in that office that they held the tapes were cast tapes that were public (so could appear in public) and others were private. You should have only the public that private is kept away from any possibility of reaching the public. But when police came to the raids, the prosecutor issued an order to lift all the materials found including those private.

Barney: This is strange. Because you do not understand. Where those materials have occurred?

Mike: Well, that I came to ask myself here. Because after those raids when I went to the police and asked to receive those things which belong to private individuals (they may not keep things personal investigation to be made and then returned goods) they never came back, or at least not as they took them. Some things really missing. And even those tapes are missing mold. And then we asked "where are they?".

Barney: And they think they are on the market now?

Mike: Do not believe them, we know that because people have complained.

Barney: Oh ...

Mike: People have bought their boxes and then appeared on websites with information like "what's occurring materials." In this way they seek to învrăjbească people against us.

Barney: I understand, they want to discredit the organization of yoga. This is wrong! That is very wrong!

Mike: Of course, but we have papers that show very clearly that the police took the mold boxes and then if we compare, we see that when they gave back the things taken, these tapes do not appear there. And then, the tapes cast who disappeared in this way are people who appear now and complain.

Barney: Of course, that was not respected privacy.

Mike: And now that they are anonymous call on certain people and ask them: "You know that appear in these images which are now public?" And then supplemented with suggestions like "go to court!" And it is obvious that very sorry for we.

Barney: What to do in this situation? I clearly got what I acte on everything that I published ...

Mike: However I think in some ways, on how these images have appeared on the private market, but we know it.

Barney: I do not know. I know that there were only six films, six titles ...

Mike: There are actually eight titles ...

Barney: Yes, it may be, I do not remember the exact number. That is, they were still the second lowest with videos that you've included in the other and that now we have pulled out and all that are not linked at all. But to know that not until now have sold many of them, nor with the entire collection did not sell too many.

Mike: Sure. but we do not talk about business here. We seek to understand how they could show these images on the market without our knowledge. You should also understand that not talking about a mistake to someone, but about something that was done intentionally. So should not look at that situation as something that occurred "accidentally".

Barney: If I were to be offered something, I know the logo of the Erotic Art, I know where it comes from and who produced them, I would be asked "How Friday these materials?", "Why live you with them? I know it Mihai, on Michael, I talked with them. " I do not know to be spent it.

Mike: I do not think anyone can be bribed one of the people working for you to put some pictures on DVD, ie to insert those images in the production process?

Barney: Well, these pictures appear on your movies?

Mike: Yes! Here, two weeks ago I checked the people who made these complaints, we took their names and checked out there on film ...

Barney: What movies? What exactly because I want to write to check. Does anyone have introduced these files, but should have someone to be processed there or to be brought to you to process them.

Mike: I have never seen these tapes die!

Barney: I got cast tapes from you.

Mike: I have not watched those tapes we are talking about here.

Barney: Well, Michael, because he came after you more often. He would do these tapes cast. But no one else. You and Michael are the only ones from which we received Dies.

Mike: Obviously, but if I knew before I did I gave the cast we did not stop talking now.

Barney: Look what can I do now, Mike: I go and find all matriţele that we have received to see if some of those images appear to say. If as you say, it should be received matriţele different from what is on the market. But I have not changed the box mold, but we gave it immediately so as we received an order to be cast for copying.

Mike: You need to check both. Because this situation could occur either before these master tapes to come to you or to you in the series.

Barney: But it is not in Denmark. Especially now that we are working on the DVD. On the tape you can intervene and afterwards, but a DVD can not intervene later. So I do not know how to do this. Can I go to the archive to see where they are matriţele received and then compare with what was copied. Because after mold was made DVD is no longer intervene.

Mike: So this can be verified ... must understand that here we are dealing with professionals. I must say that in recent years these people have done and many other strange things. It was not the only strange thing they have done.

Barney: But are those who want to destroy organizations?

Mike: I have to explain something strange I just happened to us this summer school in Denmark. In this operation, as you see was involved and the Danish secret police. Now everything is under investigation, but we see the results ... (this is explained in Danish directly what happened in the summer Nath this, when there was a burglary and theft were all hard disks and records).

Barney: Now I understand. It is clear that someone had an interest to intervene in mold and put something inside. But I do not know how he could do this without us to know. Have you looked at all these movies?

Mike: Yeah, I looked and we have noted who are these people who are there to check with those who complain.

Barney: And they appear in those movies?

Mike: Yes.

Barney: But I do not have anyone to intervene in these Dies. I can not see to be able to do such a thing. If you do not find mold, which was at the center of multiplication, then we can not prove anything. I am looking for in our archives and see what can be done to compare the mold of what occurred. But if you do not have to die that we will never know if someone has to change something or not. We work with a multiplication center in Germany and I worked there most often. But normally they do not die but keep in November. But they can not do everything as we do. They and the logo and the rest. So if someone replaced the master copy center, it is possible to have this situation now. Anything is possible.

Mike: These people are professionals. Imagine that the Danish secret police came to us worried about that, so that I reported was made by professionals. I must say that when my teacher of yoga Grieg had process for granting asylum in Stockholm, he was held in Malmo to police. This as a result of problems in Romania. And that police headquarters was best kept in Sweden. And all these were people who broke through efracţie in that place. And then appeared in the newspapers that the information that was one of the best attacks in Sweden.

Barney: It is amazing to me. I did not know that it is not so.

Mike: That's why, and talk now.

Barney: I want to do something to resolve this situation. I have to go home and have to find those master tapes and then to be more clearly what has happened. Even we can pull those movies on the market ...

Mike: Yes, we need to do something urgent.

Barney: As you see now on the market is something that is wrong?
Mike: Yes. I checked what is now sequences are not supposed to be on the market. I took those movies in the market directly.

Barney: And those pictures are there?

Mike: Yeah, I'm there.

Barney: Well, it means that have always been there. Because no one can amend later what was originally. You must check the movies that are changed ...

Mike: I will give you a list so that you can check. It may have been there from the beginning and only now have heard us because only now people have started to call and complain about. So I do not say that movies have been replaced now on the market. Maybe they were just replaced initially but now I found out that was not known, we have no regard to publish it.

Barney: Yes, it is now clear. That may be. But I have received from other son, Michael, a Betamax tape and why I gave it to processed and then multiplied by the company.

Mike: Fine, but even as you said it is possible that on the way, this box Betamax have been replaced by another.

Barney: Yes, but not see who would be able to do that because we only go to the box until the cast arrived for what was Duplicators. That means that people who have been with the company image multiplier have intervened. But to me it difficult to believe that those would have done something. People are honest.

Mike: Well, the problem has occurred elsewhere, on the way. Here you have to draw a diagram here to understand exactly what I mean. Here are Erotic Art .. are things that are made to the public - those go to you - and things that are private, those do not go anywhere because no one should see them.

Barney: Oh, and so they took those private ...

Mike: Yes. As you can see, the public get to the BN (Barney) and from there on the market. The only possibility for those images to reach the private market is here (before BN) or here (after BN) something to go wrong. Here at Erotic Art, the police came and took everything, both material public and private. They took everything! But when they gave back the things taken, some of which lacked private. Now here's posibillităţile: here (police) some materials were given to Mihail and then came at you as if it were our own ...

Barney: Yes, but we do not know precisely this ...

Mike: That's right. A second possibility is that services professionals have taken the material and gave it directly here who copy materials. Because you don 't know how it was, they came with some DVDs and you did you put on the market.

Barney: Yes, I understand. But I know the people at the firm of copying and I do not think I could do something to me.

Mike: You should not forget that but here we are dealing with professionals who have access to vast resources.

Barney: Everything is possible! Everything is possible!

Mike: They can lead you can arrange with the man from direct copying, must not arrange with the head of the company.

Barney: Yes, it is ...

Mike: Because you do not know what to be, I do not know, and when he gets back from Germany you say "what copy successful" and ready.

Barney: What can I do is go and look for mold box and compare it with what is on the market. I hope to have those tapes yet.

Mike: Very fine. What I want now is to see if the matrix box from you is OK. Then we know that the problem is sooner, but we need to verify it before.

Barney: If not, then you should ask and Michael, because he made those tapes.

Michael: Michael is no longer in school now. He went somewhere on an island of Tasmania.

Barney: But he could replace some tapes?

Mike: Everything is possible. Some friends in Romania even told me that they are agents "were out of our work. Even were dedat to steal from cars or homes of close associates to obtain information. They got even laptops. And it is strange that we are "happy" so carefully because we are a public school.

Barney: That is because of what was in Romania?

Mike: Normally should not be so. First school in Denmark is Danish, who come to courses are Danish ...

Barney: And they know about your involvement in the porn industry?

Mike: First, most of the business school has no connection with sexuality. Tantra does not represent 5% of any school activity. We take care of spirituality. In addition, we aim to show a ninth among others sexuality, much more refined and spiritualize, as already know that we've discussed. But however, consistently yoga teachers are persecuted in Romania and 50 of them now have criminal records.

Barney: This is totally abnormal, indeed. But I feel that this philosophy "Tantra" is not supported by Romanian. Wed ideas that you've said I like, but I think the Romanians will not accept it.

Mike: Yes, that is. In Romania, the Orthodox Church has a powerful influence - is not like in Denmark. The authorities have a communist mentality. All the attacks which is not part of them. The methods that these attacks are in practice inherited from the time of communism. They destroy any organization that does not look like them, inside. Launch rumors, gossip, discredit the leaders, they are their methods. But now, after these actions which they were accused 50 teachers of yoga in court ...

Barney: For what they charged?

Mike: Trafficking in human beings. It is very strange, because these people have nothing to do with it.

Barney: It is amazing (Barney laughing).

Mike: Look for example, the images we talked about. They were made as a spiritual experiment and were not intended for the public. Those images intended to induce certain states by means of spiritual energies, but were not intended for the public. Presumed to remain private. Those that were made public were those that know them: those with me and my wife, Adina, for example, I wanted to show another way of love for couples.

Barney: But you know that what you do is fantastic. I like very much and consider it absolutely fantastic. They show that it can and otherwise, and are very refined. Are really fantastic. I've never seen anything like this and in fact I said that and other occasions.

Mike: Yeah, but see that the problem is that those things that until now were private and the public have occurred throughout the project to show a new path in sexuality falls under the shadow of this strange behavior.

Barney: Yeah, but those who think that being different is weird, are actually ciudaţii. Look what I got to go home and we have to look tapes mold and then we compare with these tapes that are on the market. I hope to find them because if not, then we have no way to know. And we need to have a device Betacam because now we do not use it.

Mike: Sure you'll find something. Even we at headquarters.

Barney: I have a studio near the house and you do not find, go there and there you can see and verify.

Mike: Glad you agree that these things are private should not reach the market.

Barney: Of course I agree. And I will do everything I can to help.

Mike: We have to clarify the situation.
Barney: Obviously that will help, but I can not go and say 'I did it "because it is not. Otherwise I would have said from the beginning. But what we've done it is to cut and to make the second movie in two different boxes that were too long. But this can be seen in my records. The rest should be investigated to discover what it was.

Mike: Thank you for your cooperation. I appreciate very much to solve these things.

Barney: Of course. And I like to study things special. In recent years we have studied Shamanism. This is the root of everything that is good in the world. Where there is not any religion and it is only in touch with nature. And no longer is all this freak with God punishes people who do not know what to do with fear.

Mike: So this study?

Barney: Yes, studying Shamanism. The true tradition of American Indians.

Mike: Yeah, I know something about this topic.

Barney: It is very interesting. Even those aspects which in Christianity are regarded as miracles are viewed differently in Shamanism. The issue that the Son of God .... what if we have all sons of God? And Jesus walking on water or raised the dead ... shamans have always done this. Therefore, and say what you say is very interesting.

Mike: Have you started to study much?

Barney: Not really. We had some interesting experiences somewhere in a Christian Orthodox community here in Denmark. Something about missionaries. A kind of Christian fundamentalists, extremists.

Mike: But when you started to practice Shamanism? When were they spent?

Barney: Now six years. Then I started to read first about Shamanism. And I understand that is something fantastic.

Mike: I have some magazines about Shamanism if you are interested.

Barney: But unfortunately I do not really read in English.
Mike: I have, however, and some books in Danish about this topic. I had a friend who was interested in Shamanism and gave me these books.

Barney: Yes, sure that interest me. I'm more interested in Shamanism than any religion. In fact I hate religion. Religion cause wars, while Shamanism believe that should be good and God is good. And that is what I like.

Mike: Yes, and also urges peace with nature.

Barney: Yes, of course. And furthermore, even shows that we can not really live without nature. If you read the books to talk about old trees that can talk to each other, and it is natural that in Shamanism is the way in which nature is built not only people.

Note: Reproduction (or part) of this article in other publications is permitted only with the written consent of the editorial staff yogaesoteric and without prejudice to any changes to the original text.

Read more: Transcript of the second discussion with the producer of films

October 2008

http://www.yogaesoteric.net/content.asp ... & item = 5500

[Atasez audio file uploaded on the forum, in case he disappears from the yogaesoteric: http://www.merryfiles.com/files/unsorted/24.10.2007.WAV]

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